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Do It Yourself Kit
We manufacture and supply Do-It-Yourself kits for all our products, in which students/ teachers are supposed to assemble the experimental setups on their own based on the instructions. We supply all the necessary components along with the required tools.
List of kits available
  • Inertia of Motion
  • Inertia of Rest
  • Centrifugal Force Kit 1
  • Heat Conductivity
  • Heat Switch
  • Mirror Kit
  • Camera
  • Pinhole Camera
  • Floating Magnet Set
  • Magnetic Material Finder
  • Electromagent
  • Field due to Solenoid
  • Oersted Experiment
  • Ampere Model
  • Simple Circuit
  • Conductors and Insulators
  • Variation of Resistance with Tempreature
  • Heating effect of current
  • Flemings left hand rule
  • Simple motor
  • Electromagnetic induction (Magnet and Coil experiment)
  • Mutual induction (Coil and Coil Experiment)
  • Flemings right hand rule
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Tarang Scientific Instruments
Plot No. 47, Manjunath Krupa,  Silver Orchard, Kelageri Road, Dharwad - 580 008

+91-94482 31960

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How to order
You will get most of the information for each product along with manuals. Kindly go through all the details and revert back to us with order form.