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Coupled Pendulum
A low cost model which effectively demonstrates the force of air pressure without vacuum pump. These miniature Magdeburg hemispheres as made from rubber  place edges  of the two hemisphere cups together and squeeze them forcing out the air between them. Once they are press word together you will find it difficult to pull apart.
Double Cone
To the casual observer, the cone appears to defy gravity as it rolls uphill on the ramp.
If however, you keep track of the cone's centre fo gravity, you will see that it does not in fact violate the laws of physics.

The widening ramp permits the cone's centre of mass to drop slightly as the cone rolls up the ramp.
Cycloid Path
Demonstrates the effect of gravitational force is more on an object moving down a curved surface than on one on a straight inclined surface. Comes with all metal assembly consisting of inclined straight path and a cycloid path and two S.S. balls of the same mass.
Depth Perception
Demonstrates that perception of depth is not possible when viewed with one eye. The assembly is made with plastic rods which are fixed on a metal base. It consists some disjoint parts of an object and 'L' shaped plastic stand with a peep hole for observation. When you observe the disjoint parts of an object through the peep hole you will find a definite object in it.
Lateral Shift
Demonstrates that light ray refracts and deviates from its original path when it passes through the prism.

Apparatus consists of a rectangular metal assembly with five holes at the top to insert coloured rods. Upper half portion of the rectangular frame is covered with metal sheet. Apparatus comes with a set of five coloured rods and a wooden block with two prisms fitted into it for observation.
Persistance of Vision
This simple model demonstrates that the human eye retina retains the images of an object for only 1/16 th of a second. If another images cast on the retina within this period both the images are super imposed and we see the combined image of the two. The model comes with five different combinations of picture.
This stroboscope has a synchronous images of horse galloping. Hold the stroboscope set facing the mirror and spin the disc as you look in to the mirror through the slits on the stroboscope. If you fix your gaze at one point through one of the slits  you will get sensation of galloping horse.
Benham's Disk  
Linear or Circular
This pendulum and filter experiment demonstrates that a pendulum swinging in one plane ‘appears to have an elliptical path when viewed with a neutral density filter in front of one eye. This was first noted by Pulfrich and the phenomenon is called a Pulfrich effect. This illusion is caused due to the perceptual mechanism in the eye. The use of neutral density filter in front of one eye creates distortions in the perception of the depth, size, velocity and position.
Circular to Oscillatory Motion  
An attractive model which demonstrates how a circular motion gets converted into oscillatory motion, by using crank system.
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