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Heat & Thermodynamics
Copper & Wood Cylinder
A simple model which demonstrate that copper is good conductor of heat whereas wooden is a bad conductor of heat. When a white paper is wrapped tightly around this copper and wood cylinder and held over a lit sprit lamp or bunsen burner the paper over wood part burns whereas the paper over copper part does not.
Heat Conductivity
Demonstrates that rate of heat conductivity is different in different materials. The assembly comes with 3 metal rods (copper, brass, iron) which are arranged in a metal ring such that they can be heated simultaneously.
- Whole arrangement is mounted on wooden handle.
- Extra longer copper rod is given to study that heat takes time to flow from hot end to cold end.
- Comes with wax and spirit lamp
Linear Expansion
A simple and effective model which demonstrates the linear expansion property of wire. At room temperature the Nichrome wire is stretched between two fixed points and a bob hangs in the middle of this horizontally stretched Nichrome wire. As the wire heated using a transformer (12v, 3amp). It is heated uniformly and therefore it expands and this expansion is clearly visible as the bob lowers.
Bimetalic Strip
Constructed of a strip of laminated dissimilar metals mounted in a wooden handle. When held over a flame of a match stick, the strip curves sharply, the metal with greatest coefficient of expansion forming the convex side.
Heat Switch (Thermostat)
A very much interesting model in which you can switch on a bulb with the help of a matchstick flame. This model uses the bending property of a bi-metal to function as a switch. When you heat the bi-metal strip it bends and completes the circuit and therefore the bulb glows. The circuit is switched off automatically as the bi-metal start cooling and breaks the contact with screw.
Ball & Ring Apparatus  
Demonstrates the thermal expansion (cubical expansion) of metals. With this simple but visually impressive apparatus. The brass ball will pass through the brass ring when both are at the same temperature (i.e. both are hot or cold). However if you heat the ball but not the ring, the ball will not pass through. Both ball and ring are mounted on wooden handle.

* We suggest you try heating the ring, then putting the ball in ice water and find out what happens
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