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Optic Kit
The kit comes with specially designed Ray box to project convergent, divergent and parallel rays and 12V, 3A power supply. Includes nearly 25 optical accessories to perform, all the basic light experiments that comes under geometrical optics section.
Ray Platform

This is low cost model to do the experiment related to geometric optic. This model comes with one single slit, one triple slit and a screen. This model requires only sunlight to perform the experiment.

U & V Method Kit
Another low cost model to do the experiment related to UV (Object  Image Distance) method. It consists of a source of light, lens or mirror stand and screen. Does not   include any lens or mirror
Mirror Kit
This specially designed kit comes with 3 plastic mirrors, two mirror holders, one protractor frame, scale strip, a bulb holder with 3V bulb and a 2 cell holder plastic assembly. With this kit one can perform following experiments.
- Nature of image formed in a plane mirror.
- Object and image distances are same in plane mirror.
- The number of images formed when two plane mirrors are placed at different angles.
- The number of images formed when two plane mirrors are parallel to each other (use one mirror having hole at the centre for viewing)
- Other experiment related to multiple reflections.
One Object Eleven Images  
An interesting model which explains the application of properties of multiple reflections. Four acrylic mirror pieces are arranged in mutually perpendicular to each other on a metal base. When observation rod is placed at the centre of the model, you can see its images formed, which you can count.
Images Due to Curved Mirrors
A simple model to explore the formation of images in case of curved mirrors. The set consist of convex and concave shaped mirrors. Each one is made from plastic mirror and is fixed firmly to a metal frame. The metal frame is fixed on acrylic base. A simple object is also provided. Place the object in front of the mirrors to see disfigured images formed by the curved mirrors.
Magic Flower

An interesting model which enables you to see the real image without screen. Also helps to study the nature and position of image formed by a concave mirror when the object is at 'c', in between 'c' and 'f' and beyond 'c'.

Apparatus consist of concave mirror fitted at one end of a plastic tube. The other end of the tube is open. A small flower fixed in another small metal assembly is placed at the open end of the tube. This flower assembly can be moved in and out so as to change the position of the object.

Demonstrates the principle and working of a camera. Comes with plastic tube with a planoconvex lens fixed at one end and ground glass plate which acts as a screen fixed at the focal plane of the lens. Image can be observed from other end of the tube.

Pinhole Camera  
A simple device which can be used to demonstrate rectilinear propagation of light.
Reflection & Transmission
Demonstrates that a medium which allows light to pass through it can also reflect certain amount of light.
- This model enables you to see two objects at one point.
- Apparatus consists of a metal box with two objects fixed diagonally opposite to each other. two bulbs which can be switched on and off alternatively and a tinted glass plate is kept along the other diagonal between two objects. A peep hole for observation is provided.
Perescope / Kaleidoscope  
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