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Mathematics Products
GEO Board
It is powerful teaching aid in maths at secondary as well as higher secondary level. Various concept in geometry like shapes, their perimeters, their areas, also concepts in algebra like number system and Cartesian co ordinates system can be taught very effectively with geo – board.
Circular Geo - Board

It is multipurpose demonstration tool for verifying many basic concepts in geometry specially theorems concerned to circle.

It is an octagon circum scribed by a circle. Eight pegs are fixed as the vertices of the octagon and there is a peg at the center representing the center of the circle. There are moveable protractor fixed with each peg.

Solids Of Revolution  
This model helps you to observe the shape of virtual solids obtained by revolving different geometrical shapes around an axis. The following geometrical shape come with model
1. Triangle
2. Rectangle
3. Semi circle
4. Area of parabola
Hyperbolie Curve  
Pythagorus Theorem
An easy technique to demonstrate the result a2+b2=c2 in a right angled triangle, just by clear assembly   of a2 and the pieces 1,2,3 and 4 of b2 together giving you c2
Algebra Kit 1
Is I becoming very difficult for you to remember algebraic identities. Make an easy path to  understand all the identities verified practically using a Kit of identities in algebra which does not allow you to forget the identities . With this kit you can verify the identities
1. x(a+b)= ax+bx
2 . (a+b)2 = a2+b2+2ab
3. (a+b+c)2=a2+b2+c2+2ab+2bc+2ca
Algebra Kit 2
With this kit you can verify the identities
1. a2-b2=(a+b)  (a-b)
2. (a-b)2=a2+b2-2ab
3. (a-b-c)2=a2+b2+c2-2ab+2bc-2ac
Area Of Circle

Wandering how to set area of circle which does not have any line segment ! Here is an amazing tool which just uses the sector  and area of parallelogram to set the area of circle πr2

Area of Square, Rectangle & Paralellogram
An easy demo to understanding the areas of important and basic quadrilateral and remember them

Area Of Traingle
A simple demo tool for understanding the area of the triangle
Area Of Rhombus
Area Of Trapezium
A simple tool using two trapezia tp find area of one Trapezium
Mid Point Theorem
A practical technique which easily manifests the midpoint theorem by simple arrangement of parts of triangle
Angel Sum Property Of Triangle  
Angel Sum Property Of Quadrilateral  
Egg Tangram (With 12 Pieces)
Will be introduced shortly.
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