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Mechanics Products
Intertia of Motion
Demonstrates that a body which is in motion continues to remain in motion. When the spring is compressed and released, both the funnel and the ball move up together. The funnel after moving certain distance is held back. The ball continues to move further and then falls down.
Inertia at Rest

Demonstrates that a body at rest continues to be at rest unless it receives on external force. It is interesting to see that when metallic strip is pulled and released, only square plate moves away and plastic coin remains in its position only.

Ring Inertia
An interesting model which shows that an object which is at rest continues to remain at rest until altered by an external force.  In this case the ring is altered upon by force the plastic coin is not. As a result the plastic coin falls straight down into the blue color tube.
Simple Pendulam (dependece of period on length)  
An useful model to verify dependence of time period of a simple pendulum on its length. The model comes with three stainless steel balls suspended at different lengths to a metal frame.
Simple Pendulam (dependece of period on amplitude & Mass)
An useful model which can be used to verify that the time period of a simple pendulum is
i) Independent of amplitude of swing and
ii) Independent of mass of the pendulum bob.
The model comes with three pendulum bobs of SS, Brass and alumminium, suspended at equal lengths to a metal frame.
Conservation of Energy
This classic device demonstrates the conservation of mechanical energy. When the wheel is rotated by hand to the top and released, its potential energy will turn into kinetic energy (rotation) as it falls. After the wheel reaches its lower position which is slightly above the reference level, the K.E will change back to P.E then it moves up again. This process will continue on until the total energy is lost due to friction and to do work against force of gravity.
Conservation of Momentum

This device demonstrates the law of conservation of momentum. The device comes with five S.S. balls suspended from a metal frame. When one ball is pulled and released, it will move with certain momentum and after collision with remaining balls you will notice that only one ball moves away having same momentum. Which shows that momentum before collision is same as that after collision.
The same model is available with marbles.

Conservation of Momentum (With marbles)  
This device demonstrates the law of conservation of momentum.
The model comes with 5 marble balls. When you allow one ball to roll along the channel from the top keeping remaining 4 balls in the lower part of the channel, you will observe that after collision only one marble comes out.
Centrifugal Force Kit 1
An useful model which gives qualitative demonstration of the relationship of m, v2 and r. The Kit consists of two models. In the first model you will observe that a bird lifts the elephant and in the second model you will observe that water in the cup does not spill out when given uniform circular motion.
Centrifugal Force Kit 2
Another useful model which gives qualitative demonstration of the relationship of m, v2 and r. The kit consists of three items. The first item consists of flexible steel hoops mounted on the axle are able to slide. As you rotate the device, you will observe that the steel hoops flatten out into ellipses. In the second item the test tubes filled with water which are suspended vertically will become horizontal and water doesnot spills when rotated.
Weightlessness is a state in which an object has no actual weight, because of it is in space and unaffected by gravitational attraction. Here is a simple model which will demonstrate the  weightlessness  of a body.
Centrifuge Machine
A simple and convincing model which demonstrates clearly the effect of acceleration on a system. The two test tubes are filled with viscous liquids. One tube contains cork and other contains a small S.S. ball. When model is rotated the S.S. ball rises but cork sinks.
Lever (Mechanical Advantages)
A simple and attractive model which demonstrates that a smaller effort applied at a greater distance from the fulcrum can move a larger weight. Comes with all metal assembly. Two efforts of 20 gm and 40 gm are provided for observations.
Lever Kit (Mechanical Advantages)
A simple and attractive model which is useful for demonstrating all the three types of levers. Comes with all metal assembly. Two spring balances of 100 g,
500 g , 20 g effort and 100 g load are provided for observations.
Inclined Plane (Mechanical Advantages)
Demonstrates that less effort is required to lift a given weight over a certain height when an inclined plane is used than lifting it vertically up. Apparatus comes with all metal assembly with 3 plane surfaces of different inclinations. A load and set of efforts are included.
Pulley System (Mechanical Advantages)
An useful model which helps you to understand mechanical advantage of system of pullies . The model consists of three types of pulley systems. The first one is a case of fixed pulley. Second and third are case of compound pulley i.e., a combination of a fixed and movable pulley system. A spring balance of 100 gram weight comes with model which can be used to verify the mechanical advantage in all the three cases.

Demonstrates forced vibrations and resonance. Apparatus consists of a set of 3 pair of thin steel strips of different lengths fixed to a wooden block. Metal strips of a pair are similar in colour and dimensions. Totally three 3 pairs of strips.

When a strip of a one colour is plucked, only the other strip of the same colour starts vibrating where as the strips of the other colours remain stationary showing that maximum energy is transferred when resonance occurs.

Moment of Inertia


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