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"Teaching science effectively is difficult but rewarding work. We struggled to find science teaching aids within in our budget till we find Tarang Scientific Instruments. We are using instruments purchased from them successively for five years. "
We would like to bring to the notice of all the following points
  1. All instruments are cost effective.
  2. Very easy to use and handle.
  3. Durable. All the instruments purchased by them are used every day in our school .
  4. Single apparatus can be used for many concepts. (Eg. Light Kit)
  5. Simple but effective. Some of the instruments in the category of Electricity and Magnetism are wonderful. Students can understand basics of science.
  6. Good service.
  7. Progreessive
- Science teachers of Sainik School, Bijapur Karnataka, India

"As a manufacturer of scientific apparatus and products, you are doing outstanding work. Your equipment have simplcity in their design and yet they illustrate the underlying principle very well. The designs are elegant and yet are robus enough so we can carry them in our Mobile Science lab without damaging them. Robustness, simplicity, small scale and elegance of design have all been achieved by you."

- Madhukar Deshpande and Jayant Phalke, Vidyan Vahini, Pune

" The instruments made by Tarang Scientific Instruments, C/O Mr. Sanjeevkumar Patil, Dharwad, are extremely useful for the students, parents and teachers. These instruments are made with extreme dedication, involvement and commitment towards the purpose. The noble purpose is to reach to maximum amount of students by simplifying science. When we closely observe the finished product, we immediately come to know that these models are not made commercially, but are made with extreme professionalism and with an in depth understanding of the subject. The objective behind production of these products is focused on their working, easiness of handling and operation, applicability, sturdiness and finishing. Generally we do not get this type of quality and innovative products at any other commercial venture. We, personally thank Mr. Patil for doing such a type of extraordinary work. "
- Ninad S. Sonawane, Vidnyan Vedh, Nasik
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