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Waves and Sound
Doppler Effect
This simple and economic model helps you to understand Doppler’s effect. Here a source of sound (Piezoelectric speaker buzzer) is allowed to swing using a thread. As the source of sound swings towards you the pitch of the sound increases slightly end as it swings away from you the pitch of the source of sound decreases slightly.
Buzzer & Jar Experiment  
Wave Motion With Pendulum

A set of seven pendula of equal length fixed to a metal frame interconnected by a string at the top displays a captivating wave-like parade. This demonstrates how a wave motion is caused in the medium, phase relation ship between the particles of the medium. Also useful for demonstrating transverse waves and longitudinal waves.

Transverse Wave Model  

An useful model made from 70 pairs of small plastic tubes and of 6 feet in length. This model helps in understanding properties of a transverse wave.

Slinky Spring

Its flat coiled spring besids being a toy, the slinky can be used to explain scientific concepts. By moving the ends of a streched slinky side to side transverse wavemotion can be demonstrated. Pinching several -- of a streched slinky together and suddenly lifting a travelling longitudinal wave, analogus to a sound wave which will reflected each end.

Wave Motion (Hand Rotation)

Demonstrates all the properties of wave motion, when the shadow of the rotating drum is caught on the wall with the help of a incandescent bulb.
In this one can observe :
- A sinusoidal wave or a transverse wave.
- The crests and troughs of a wave.
- The phase difference between different particles of the medium during wave motion.
- The amplitude of the swing.
- The wavelength and time period concept.

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